Beautiful Feet

Imagine that you were asking God to reveal Himself and speak to the multitudes of unbelievers. What would you have done if He replied with the questions in Romans 10 : 14, 15?

This was how our Lord spoke to me one morning in September 1998. As I knelt in prayer asking God to speak to a group of campus students at a retreat, I distinctly sensed His presence revealing the words from Romans 10 with this thought:

Many still need to hear My words, and you have been praying as if I haven't spoken to them. Yet I HAVE spoken — you have My Word; they need to hear someone preach it.

In this manner, almost ten months after I had first surrendered my personal plans and desires to Him, God confirmed His calling for me. Putting to rest my uncertainties about what He wanted me to do, He assured me that He wanted me sent.

Dear friend,

Isn't it amazing that God does let His children know what's on His mind? Well, in this newsletter, I hope to share with you how God has led me in my journey with Him thus far.

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